Duchter Hune by Hely Huma Yegudayev

Necklace  /  Natural
Published: 13.07.2021
Hely Huma Yegudayev
Duchter Hune
Carpets, readymade chains, safety pins, gold plate.
Photo by:
Shlomi Bernthal

My project is a story about the culture and the home I grew up in. It talks about the hierarchy in my family and it puts the women in my life at the forefront of the stage. As a young woman who grew up in the Caucasian-patriarchal culture on one hand, and in a matriarchal home, on the other, I deal with the tension between the two, a tension that is present in my life.The carpet and the gold represent values of culture, status and intergenerational connection. I disassemble the carpet and reassemble, connecting with the gold and giving them a new identity, which expresses both, the gap and the connection between the generations. 
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