Stolthet eller fördom II by Hulda Grahn

Necklace  /  Ornamental   Pattern
In this project, I am exploring my identity as a Japanese-Swedish person by processing memories, my own preconceived notions, feelings of alienation, and my longing to belong somewhere. One realization that has emerged during the course of the project is that craft has always been my invitation to engage with both cultures I belong to. Whether it was through weaving and candle making with my aunt, woodcarving together with my father, or sitting on my mother’s lap doing origami, it led to an understanding of the materials and objects that surrounded me and shaped my environment. Here, I draw inspiration from Japanese garment sewing and my memories of growing up with dual ethnicity here in Sweden.

Hulda Grahn. BA Student
Hulda Grahn
Stolthet eller fördom II
Textile and aluminium
Unique piece

From series:
Stolthet eller fördom
Photo by:
David Eng

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