Changing Ring by Ildze Bogana

Ring  /  Mechanical
Most collections, once carefully classified and catalogued, find their place behind glass doors, in drawers and dusty archives.
The collection 'Unfinished Settings for Treasuretrash' should never do that. These treasures emerged from darkness to continue their life. They can interact with one another and create new stories, and then change them again, because nothing is set to be decided and finished forever. How to make this ongoing change possible? How to engage the spectator to actively participate in this endevour?
The jewellery constructions are meant to provide a platform for the process of ever ongoing change. The treasures here are arranged deliberately to create compositions - not only visually appealing but also conveying an image of personality, a fictional or real story, as well as, for example, a small imaginary taxonomic group, ready to be dismantled and reimagined anew differently. The devices also serve as a means to reflect on the way we assess and proclaim the value of elements in the world surrounding us.
Ildze Bogana
Changing Ring
Brass, polycarbonate
3 x 3 x 4.5 cm
Unique piece

From series:
Unfinished Settings for Treasuretrash
Photo by:
Ildze Bogana

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