Passiflora edulis by Ilona Yonkova

Brooch  /  ReadyMade   Playful
Published: 07.07.2021
Ilona Yonkova
Passiflora edulis
Pet bottle caps, coffee cup lids, brass.
6 x 6 cm
From series:
Second Nature

I was brought up in a surrounding where I have learned to respect and care for nature. Whenever I was out I would carry my trash in my pocket or in my bag and only throw it away once I got home. I was expecting everyone to care for nature as much as I did so it came as a surprise when I realized that only 20% of our global plastic waste is recycled. The rest of it is either being burned or ends up in landfills. I wish we could all work together to find innovative ways to adapt more waste for new use. All materials have their unique qualities to be discovered. To accept the shortcomings and to see beauty in them is inspiring. Like nature embracing all negatives aspects of modern life, I’ve always found my own balance in nature’s harmony.
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