Under Construction by Innis Lai

Brooch  /  Narrative   Organic
Published: 22.09.2019
Innis Lai
Under Construction
Copper, brass, stainless steel.
10 x 10 x 3 cm
Photo by:
Tsung Yi Lin

Temple is an important living space for Taiwanese people. It is like a convergence of micro-society and more so a miniature of the local culture. I compared Taiwan to the temple of democracy and referenced the shape from Ci Yun Temple in Dazhuang where I frequent. I used the idea “Under Construction” to develop a temple constructed on top of the floating Mount Penglai. The scaffolding standing in between implies that Taiwan is still in development. The temple dedicated to democracy and sheltering people still has some undemolished sign, symbolizing the current drawbacks of the democratic system that must be improved quickly. Democracy is what makes Taiwan a beacon of the Chinese Community, and this brooch could show people the most beautiful value of Taiwan.
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