Protection by Irene Palomar

Necklace  /  Organic

Since ancient times, chocolate and garlic are related to the gods: the cocoa plant according to the legend of Mayas and Aztecs was brought to the men by the god Quetzalcoatl and from that moment the chocolate (drinkable) was taken in glasses of fine gold and was only destined for adults, elites and warriors.

Garlic (vegetable), for its part, was offered in Mycenean Greece to the goddess Hecate (goddess of wild lands and births). In Rome, garlic was a symbol of the military virtues and was the offering for the god Mars, god of war. Cocoa and the recipe for chocolate on its accession to Europe first came to the Monasterio de Piedra (Zaragoza – S. XVI) and among other uses in Europe was considered as: try for the monk's fast days, the drug of love in the courts of France, disincentive and stimulating to provide well-being and energy.
During World War II, chocolate was considered indispensable in soldiers' diet (in the US, a chocolate factory was used to prepare rations for use by regiments). During the Second War, garlic was named the Russian
for its healing properties. Two elements beneficial to man, related to the deities, since ancestral times.

The hypothesis of protection of the collar is considered because it is related to the benefits of chocolate and garlic used to shape the mold. The mold of subtle and brilliant appearance contrasts with the rustic of the chain, but the two elements come together to materialize the delicate and sophisticated of the chocolate and the rustic of the garlic, in a protective collar for the one who carries it. A necklace for those chosen by the gods ...
Irene Palomar
Silver, silver sheets, acrylic paint.
52 x 20 x 5 cm

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