Intrakutan by Isabelle Schaaf

Necklace  /  Organic
Published: 13.08.2021
Isabelle Schaaf
Iron wire, thermoplastic.
40 x 60 cm
Photo by:
Sophia Mohr
Model: Ko-Yun Liao
Unique piece

Intrakutan - the Latin word for "in the skin", describes the medical process of an injection into the skin. The skin is our largest organ in terms of surface area and serves a wide range of functions around our body. We can form a total work of art out of it, which fully engages with the body. Tattoos often contain or are based on line constructs. Sometimes these run against the body and its defined shapes. They stretch with it when its changes position and moves. Visible, but sometimes hardly noticeable, they resonate with it. The transition between surfaces on the body and the freely floating structures breaking into the lines runs organically. The lines lie on the skin, directly on the body, but move away in the movement pattern to find their way back to it. A different line pattern emerges from every angle. Just like tattoos are warped, stretched, and compressed in places where there is much movement. The result is a series of objects that can stand on their own but create wearable moments in relation to the body.
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