Model of a modular cloakroom system by Jakob Eichner

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Jakob Eichner's modular cloakroom system was created with the aim of designing a cloakroom that can be individually adapted and expanded at any time. Various corpora and elements can be freely placed on a support wall with horizontal slots using a specially developed "hook mechanism". The design of the support wall was based on ergonomic and visual aspects and is based on a specially developed system of proportions. Jakob Eichner invented various components for this cloakroom project that work with the same mechanism, but have a different function within the cloakroom: single hooks, support wall connectors, wall mountings, clothes hooks. He thus presents the breadth of variation with regard to the possible uses of the tension hook mechanism. Johann Eichner uses the example of a corpus element to describe how his specially designed brackets work: “To hang a corpus in, you lift it in the right position, turn the hooks with the wedges pulled out across and push them into the slots. Then push in the hooks and turn them so that the wedges point towards the wall. The wedge must be in a horizontal position to slide into a recess in the sidewall. This recess serves to prevent the mechanism from twisting and is replaced by two studs concerning elements without a wall. Now push in the wedges with your thumb while holding the hook with your index finger. To loosen the wedge again, turn it up and down slightly until it has loosened and you can pull it out."

Jakob Eichner
Model of a modular cloakroom system
Veneer plywood, aluminum.
51 x 80 x 52 cm
Multiple piece

Photo by:
Jakob Eichner

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