Canna Leaf by Jakob Frank

Instrument  /  Design
Acoustic guitar.

The "Canna Leaf" guitar is based on the material innovation "hempstone", a patented natural fibre material consisting only of hemp and water, which is suitable for the production of rounded, three-dimensional shapes and was used for the body of the guitar. Design and construction of the guitar have been completely redesigned in order to do justice to the special body material, to achieve a special sound and a pleasant playing experience. One of the concerns was to provide musicians with inspiration and stimulation to break away from conventions and present new approaches. The hempstone body is stabilized against deformation by the solid frame. It offers a support surface for the neck, with the rounded edge making the guitar more pleasant to play and improving the sound by keeping the vibration energy in the top. The sound hole on the cutaway increases the active vibration surface of the guitar. The sound hole on the side allows the player to hear himself better. The pin-less bridge is easier to string and creates a more direct pull on the top. The arrangement of the mechanics on the guitar head makes tuning the guitar easier. The top is form-glued in three layers to counteract the string tension and to reduce the weight of the top. The so-called falcat bracing allows the top to vibrate more easily and increases the bass resonance.

Jakob Frank
Canna Leaf
Hempstone (100% hemp fiber), walnut, bird's eyes maple, Sonowood (walnut), Sonowood (bird's eyes maple).
110 x 39 x 19 cm
Photo by:
Jakob Frank

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