Als die Sprache meinen Körper berührte by Jan Böing

Body piece  /  Conceptual   OnBody
Semester project 2022
Text in the necklace: The boy with the pearl necklace
The boy was already threading strings of pearls in kindergarten. After breakfast, he always went to the handicraft corner in the back left. There he concentratedly stringed pearl after pearl on a self-braided cord. Discovering his interest, the boy was given letter beads and asked to spell his body. He willingly set about shaping his legs, his back, his hair, his face, and his smile, and hanging the body parts on a chain. At first, the boy was praised for his painstaking work, but by the time he was in elementary school at the latest, he was startled by what he saw. The boy's body became external to him and readable to others. What you read was his confession. The boy formulated it with unusual honesty. It happened before he knew what a confession was and if what he was telling was even himself. And before he knew it, his pearl necklace had become a symbol of his exaggerated, warped sexuality, ripped from him like a neck from its necklace. Since no one knew where the pearls came from, the boy was credited with making the pearls from his own flesh and his body became a string of pearls.
Jan Böing
Body piece
Als die Sprache meinen Körper berührte
Acrylic pearls, cotton string, brass silver plated
700 cm long
Unique piece

Photo by:
Jan Böing

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