Don't be so emotional! by Jennifer Omberg

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I have always been an emotional person. Sometimes it can be overwhelming that small impressions have the power to create significant changes in my mood. During my studies at HDK, I have come to understand that my sensitivity is a strength in my artistic practice. To me, sensitivity means being present, absorbing one’s surroundings, and reacting to them. As a jewellery artist, I always relate my work to the human body, but in my bachelor’s work, I have chosen to depict the emotions that reside within it, based on the body’s own forms. I have sculpted jewellery with bodies that honestly communicate their inner experiences without hiding or distorting them, bodies that dare to show vulnerability. Emotions are our own personal truths that we must learn to accept as they are an inevitable part of life. Whether unbearable or wonderful, emotions are what make life meaningful.

Jennifer Omberg. BA Student
Jennifer Omberg
Don't be so emotional!
36 x 11 x 46 cm
Unique piece

From series:
Don't be so emotional!
Photo by:
Jennifer Omberg

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