Rest Jewelry by Jiani Gu

Set  /  Ornamental   Narrative
Brooch, ring, decoration, bracelet, furniture.
It's a bed and a blank tomb, an easy way to die or a solemn tribute to life.
Inspired by Liangzhu's 'Jade Burial', it looks back on modern society's questions about life and death and the ritual phenomenon it embodies, treating life as a kind of sacrifice, virtualising a wearable ritual in the context of everyday life, blurring the functions of jewellery and furniture, and making furniture wearable jewellery in the context of this ritual. In this open era, are people's attitudes towards death also open?
Jiani Gu
Rest Jewelry
Rice biomaterials, brass, silver, resin, pearls, wool, gemstones
Unique piece

Photo by:
Zongquan Ling

Estimated price: 6666 €

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