A or F by Jie Zhou

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Jie Zhou explored to express unequal power relationship between parents and children in traditional Chinese families through employing narrative jewellery with humour. While living in Sweden for two years during the MA study, Zhou became aware of cultural differences, especially in the power relationships between parents and children in Sweden and China. In Sweden, children appear to be respected by their parents and their ideas are heard. In Chinese families, parents express their love towards their children by providing the best possible education, and in return, children are expected to fulfil parents' expectations, where the children’s opinions are neglected. Through the final installation, Zhou aimed to recreate the over-emphasis on education and parental “care” felt from the perspective of a child.
Jie Zhou
A or F
Silver, wood, pearl, acrylic.
12 x 12 x 15 cm

Estimated price: 600 €

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