Incoming Air by Jill Depuydt

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Because of the pressure and stress in our society, it is no longer natural to know what you need to come to yourself. How can you figure this out, what can help you?
Personally, I see a guideline in the laws of aerodynamics. These laws are scientific, but can just as easily be read symbolically. They help in creating awareness for a balanced life.
By using these laws, I can make feelings visible that are difficult to explain. Urge to stand with both feet on the ground or to take it all more lightheartedly and dare to dream and make mistakes translates into a piece I knit. I embrace the stitches where I made a mistake. Slowing down and allowing yourself to relax becomes visible in a jewel that catches the air through a thin plastic sheet. You may also need some willpower or self-confidence, I translated this into a striking ring inspired by a moving sphere.
The sphere/circle is central to my works.
It symbolizes unity, completeness, and infinity.
It contributes to a better union of body and mind.
Jill Depuydt
Incoming Air
Silver, copper, plastic
9 x 1.5 x 12.5 cm
Unique piece

From series:
All I need
Photo by:
Axelle Degrave

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