Tranquil by Jing Ting Kao

Plate  /  Natural   Design
CNC milling, hand finishing.

In his work, Jing Ting Kao reflects on the increasingly hectic pace of life and the excess of information. He asks you to take your time, focus on yourself and calm down. In this context, he refers to the Japanese and Buddhist traditions that urge people to achieve a feeling of calm and tranquillity, the feeling of Zen. A special form of the Japanese garden is the Zen garden, "Karesansui" (Engl.: "dry landscape"), with its stones and sandy soils. The aim of these gardens is to support the monks in meditation. The wave patterns raked into the sand are reminiscent of the flow of water and are intended to convey peace and tranquillity. The grooved surface structure of Jing Ting Kao's wooden panels is reminiscent of these gardens, while the curved edges are evocative of traditional Japanese roofs. The grooves are inserted parallel to the wood grain with a CNC milling machine and then polished by hand before urushi varnish is applied in such a way that the wood grain remains visible.

Jing Ting Kao
African teak wood, urushi lacquer.
3 x 11.5 x 24.5 cm
Photo by:
Jing Ting Kao

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