Rust by Jingwei Xu

Necklace  /  Conceptual
Unique piece

I like the colour of rust. My creations are inspired by flaws and defects on metal surfaces and reflect the concept of the passage of time. It is natural. The feeling represented by its pattern not only reflects the impact of the visual effect but also reflects the heavy sense of time behind the material. I also want to express the details and beauty that are often overlooked in everyday life. 
In my design, I learned to use stains as a metaphor for the beauty of decay. I find value and beauty in this short and meaningless existence. My work reflects the irregular, imperfect and incomplete, I find an unexpected beauty by doing so. I am learning to embrace the edges of rust and wear, and the time they represent. Anything related to nature will rot, what could be more fascinating than this?

Jingwei Xu
Rust on cotton.

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