Untitled by Jiwon Song

Ring  /  Landscape
Published: 16.02.2021
Jiwon Song
Smoky quartz.
3.1 x 2.9 x 1.3 cm
Photo by:
Yiyeon Kim
From series:
30 Rings
Stone cutting.

The series “30 Rings” is dedicated to the transparent crystal structure of the materials, which are emphasized by the innovative stone carving and combined with new shapes. The natural stone grain formed the starting point for the creation of the shape of the ring. Jiwon Song is always looking for new shapes, variants, and surfaces. The aim is to convey pleasure to the wearer with the agreeably cool and refreshing rings. When worn for a long time, the ring radiates warmth, is meant to give energy and vitality. The shapes either have a rather classic silhouette, or they combine the ring shape with raw, rough, irregular elements. The beauty lies in the handling of the material, the elaboration of the fine colour nuances, and the structure of the stone. It is a restrained work that invites to experience the material.

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