Petal 01 by Jiye Kim

Bag  /  Design

The handbags of the series "Petal" focus on the deep creases that arise when carrying large bags. Jiye Kim creates the bags in forms which are based on petal and leaf shapes by using traditional leather saddle techniques. The bags are locked with magnets. The curved contour of the bag contains a curved center that, like a frame, highlights the part of the bag to which the magnetic closure is attached. When the bag is opened, other colours will be visible. This gives an impression similar to overlapping petals. The shape of the objects is unusual and almost makes them look like small sculptures. With her bags, Jiye Kim achieves a successful and convincing mixture of clarity, elegance, surprise, and a flowery-romantic impression.

Jiye Kim
Petal 01
Cowhide, magnets.
24 x 32 x 24 cm
Photo by:
Sangdeok Han

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