homo ornans by Johanna Seibert

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Why do people wear jewellery? And why do I make jewellery? These questions led Johanna Seibert through her theoretical and practical graduation work. Jewellery can have a variety of functions for the wearer: either as a sign of social standing and wealth or as a connection to beloved people or places. But it is always a medium, a symbol for adornment and expressing one’s identity – a basic human need. To be human is to make - this statement by anthropologist Ellen Dissanayake shows that crafting and creating things is also a basic need. It not only creates a deep sense of satisfaction but also lets us understand things on a physical level which then positively affects our abstract thinking. By making things, we get the chance to leave our mark in the world and get in contact with it. Being both communicative and symbolic actions, wearing and making jewellery are closely related. Jewellery as an ornament on the body is more than an added decoration. The origin of ornament lies in giving things meaning. Through jewellery, we shape our environment and give it and ourselves significance. We are all homo ornans.
Johanna Seibert
homo ornans
Epoxy resin, coloured, extruded; 925/000 silver, gold plated.
5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm
Photo by:
Petra Jaschke

Estimated price: 100 €

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