Modular Shapes - Bleu, rose et opaline by Jonas Niedermann

Object  /  Abstract   Geometric   Design
Published: 19.11.2020
Jonas Niedermann
Modular Shapes - Bleu, rose et opaline
Glass, brass.
34 x 22 x 10 cm
Photo by:
Cæciliie Philipa Vibe Pedersen
Unique piece

Blown, cut, coldworked, hot sculpted, kiln-formed & hot assembled.

Jonas Niedermann is interested in the relationship between tradition and future in the handicrafts concerning glass. In his own work, he is on the one hand obliged to the great role models of the craft side, on the other hand, he is looking for new design possibilities. The objects in his series “Modular Shapes” are extremely elegant and pure with their organic, curved forms and their delicate, subtle colours. If the spectator changes the point of view, they too change their appearance - especially with regard to the colour gradient, the depth effect and the transparency. A particular concern of Jonas Niedermann is the three-dimensional colour grading. The shape of the works and the colour gradient increase the impression of the soft and delicate. The interior of the objects also seems to be in a subtle movement. Jonas Niedermann comments on his concern: "Uniting craft, art and design, I approach a contemporary, translucent and minimalistic sculpture."

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