Ahab, Jesus and the Dandelion by Jonas Quirin Leikauf

Object  /  Recycled   ReadyMade   OnBody   Conceptual
Published: 20.10.2022
Jonas Quirin Leikauf
Ahab, Jesus and the Dandelion
Cell phone circuit board, bones, imitation teeth, cotton wool, adhesive plasters, yarn, nickel silver, artificial eyelashes
Photo by:
Jonas Quirin Leikauf
Unique piece

Semester project 2022
Inspired by childhood memories and feelings. Objects that start where words end. Fascinated by poetry as a carrier of feelings. Transfer of classic lyrical design elements to jewelery and objects. The objects talk to each other and tell each other their stories in a language that one can only listen to by seeing. A translation of the unspeakable into the tangible.
A portrait that consists only of colors and shapes
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