Ahab, Jesus and the Dandelion by Jonas Quirin Leikauf

Object  /  Recycled   ReadyMade   OnBody   Conceptual
Semester project 2022
Inspired by childhood memories and feelings. Objects that start where words end. Fascinated by poetry as a carrier of feelings. Transfer of classic lyrical design elements to jewelery and objects. The objects talk to each other and tell each other their stories in a language that one can only listen to by seeing. A translation of the unspeakable into the tangible.
A portrait that consists only of colors and shapes
Jonas Quirin Leikauf
Ahab, Jesus and the Dandelion
Cell phone circuit board, bones, imitation teeth, cotton wool, adhesive plasters, yarn, nickel silver, artificial eyelashes
Unique piece

Photo by:
Jonas Quirin Leikauf

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