Primitive Structures (Botanical) by Weon Rhee (Johnwon Lee)

Object  /  Geometric   Design
Inspired by naturally occurring forms, this table has been created from parallel-strand lumber (PSL), a material made of recycled and compressed wood strands, and moulded into a shape reminiscent of mushrooms. The material has been crafted to give it a dense texture, with an appearance similar to stone, and the work was inspired by Bronze and Iron Age dolmen tombs found in many places across the world including Korea. A coating of transparent pearlescent and green pigments have been sprayed onto the surface. The translucency of this finish allows the underlying texture of the wood to come through, evoking delicate moss.
Weon Rhee (Johnwon Lee)
Primitive Structures (Botanical)
PSL Beam (recycled wood), pearl coloured pigment and green pigment
37 x 79 x 44 cm
Unique piece

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