Sur(e)forms by Josephine Larsen

Object  /  Minimalism
Slab and coil built.

Josephine Larsen's large ceramic works are of a seemingly monumental simplicity and at the same time radiate timelessness. Josephine Larsen is interested in the relationship between the human body and three-dimensional matter, the reaction to mass, volume, structure, and density, or the lack of these properties. She understands her work to be inspired by architecture and also envisions her presentation in an architectural context. Her concern is to counter the traditional notions of ceramic sculpture, which aims to present a single piece on a pedestal. Her ceramic works, on the other hand, should invite an examination of both form and space. They should also give the opportunity to experience the object and the surrounding space from different perspectives.

Josephine Larsen
66 x 160 x 95 cm
Photo by:
Josephine Larsen

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