Electrolyte by Judit Fritz

Object  /  Conceptual
Crystallization chamber for tears.

How much of the ocean have I filtered while in tears? Many times, while growing up on an island have I laid eyes on the enormous surrounding body of water and wondered – is the sorrow still in there? In small portions, the human body and the bodies of nature expose each other as part of their own content. Offering a glimpse into a constant material flow. Diffusing the boundaries between object and subject. A material flow that makes it impossible to tell what anything really is, because it has already evolved. My tears taste like the ocean. So does my sweat. I find comfort in knowing I constantly take part in something that is beyond my human comprehension. That I don’t need to fully understand why I am here, because it is obvious that I, and everyone else play a part. We just don’t know the whole scene.
Judit Fritz
Silver, brass, glass, pearl.
10 x 5 x 5 cm
Photo by:
Judit Fritz

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