Untitled by Karen Bartlett

Published: 03.10.2008
Karen Bartlett
Mixed media
My enquiry is concerned with how the dynamics and perceptions of materials alter when used in an unfamiliar context, or if used as a visual metaphor for an underlying thought or theme.

It is the inherent quality that certain materials possess which attracts my attention on both an aesthetic and sensory level. It results in the subsequent utilisation of a divergent range of materials that are evident within the realisation of my work.

There are many factors which shape and inform the value system that society places on materials which are, for example, governed by historical, cultural or commercial concerns. Whilst influenced by these concerns, as individuals our perceived ideal of what constitutes preciousness is a subjective matter. In some instances, when creating wearable objects I play with this notion through the use and juxtaposition of ‘precious’ and ‘non precious’ material in an attempt to create and generate a new language and discourse.

Other works take their cue from the human body and mimic bodily parts such as skin and hair, which hold a great fascination on many levels. These objects are ambiguous by nature and imbued with sexual or erotic overtones. They exist as wearable extensions of the body and invite provocative question and comment.
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