Moonlit Decay by Katrina Gostanian

Ring  /  Recycled   Natural
The Armenian symbol of the “wheel of eternity” signifies that what has been destroyed will inevitably be born anew. Katrina's sculptural jewellery encodes Armenian histories through the ancient craft of needle lace, as practised by her grandmother. Within broken glass, wood-carved manuscripts and patterns from her grandmother's handmade textiles, hidden images unravel. Katrina embraces imperfections; she transforms the lace into copper, a sturdy metal that supports each piece with unyielding strength. Feeling through these objects, the experience of loss becomes a powerful force of regeneration. 
Interpretive text by Moa Jegnell  
Katrina Gostanian
Moonlit Decay
Horse chestnut
8 x 1.8 x 7 cm
Unique piece

From series:
Eye of The Needle

Estimated price: 350 €

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