Daam Dah 2022 by Keeryong Choi

Vessel  /  Geometric   Design

These opaque glass vessels compound expectations by combining both Korean and British sensibilities, resulting in a work that feels familiar yet refuses to be placed. Choi created the work to speak to his experience of moving from Korea to the UK, his nostalgia for home and to challenge the notion of cultural authenticity. The vessels’ form was created using 3D modelling software and 3D  printing. By using small frit-size glass and skipping bubble soaking during the firing process, Choi deliberately created small cavities on the surface, often regarded as an imperfection in glass making. These were then inlaid with gold leaf, contrasting with the vessels’ glossy surface, to evoke a celestial starry sky and to celebrate the imperfections and beauty of these unique objects.
Keeryong Choi
Daam Dah 2022
Glass and 23.5kt gold leaf.
27 x 26 x 35 cm each
Unique piece

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