Lightheartedness I by Kefan Luo

Object  /  Playful   Narrative   Design
Published: 28.06.2021
Kefan Luo
Lightheartedness I
Silver, plastic, zircon, rice paper, wool.
10 x 5 x 7 cm
Photo by:
Jialin Fu
From series:
Spin and run without any care
Unique piece

Recalling my childhood, I grew up under the indoctrination of my parents' traditional ideas and the strict and abusive education method. In this process, toys played a significant role. Among them, the windmill was my most sincere playmate, a window to vent my pressure and a friend to represent my faith. The rotation of the windmill gave me the purest and happiest feedback just because of the simple inhalation and exhalation. The ubiquitous windmills rotated in the wind without any care, which was not only my childhood memories but also full of my yearning for freedom and dreams.
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