Contours of Past 2022 by Kenji Honma

Sculpture  /  Natural

Balancing age-old Japanese traditions with new self-taught techniques, this unique vessel is created using salvaged wood from an ancient Japanese lacquer tree. The trunk has been hollowed out, and the base is fitted with a bottom plate. Inside, the surface has been skilfully worked to create a smooth finish, whereas the outside has been meticulously shaped but still retains the original characteristics and marks of the bark, evidence of the harsh winters the tree endured during its lifetime. Hand-harvested lacquer, collected during a brief window between the summer and autumn, has been applied to its surface.
Kenji Honma
Contours of Past 2022
Japanese lacquer tree wood, lacquer (Urushi), polishing powder.
42.5 x 29 x 63.3 cm
Unique piece

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