Gestalt: Unraveling PC by Kepa Karmona

Piece belonging to the Gestalt collection. Collection based on the Gestalt psychology that alludes to the ways to perceive the form of what we see. Our brain decodes the information we receive through various associations produced in the moment of the perception. Perception laws show that brain makes the best organization of the perceived elements and explains how is made this organization.
The Gestalt approach "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" synthesizes that we perceive the whole, then each separate part loses the in context value by the moment it is moved away. Everything exists and acquires a meaning within a specific context.
We connect the shapes around us through our previous experience with the world. We can see recognizable shapes in the clouds, in the stains, in my box of toys, within my gutted computer, in everything related to random. This medal is the sum of isolated parts that being perceived together give us the shape of "Medal".

Photo courtesy of the author
Kepa Karmona
Gestalt: Unraveling PC
Circuit, watch machinery, rotor, copper sheet, steel wire, optical screws
11 x 5,7 cm

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