Untitled, 2018 by Kristin McKirdy

Object  /  Conceptual

Comprising two parts, this formal yet conceptual work celebrates the possibilities of ceramic surfaces and is inspired by both natural and man-made forms. Deliberately ambiguous,  its shape could be a reference to pieces of a children’s game or a sign of warning reminiscent of a buoy or explosive device.  The work is constructed using a variety of techniques, from wheel-throwing to coil-building, and the surfaces are each given a different finish. The rough pattern-burnished exterior contrasts with the smooth satin and glazed surfaces in black and red,  which have been finished with terra sigillata or ceramic glazes and fired in an electric kiln, further underscoring the unsettling suggestion of tension between safety, danger and destruction in work.
Kristin McKirdy
Untitled, 2018
Earthenware  clay,  glaze  and  terra  sigillata,  various  dimensions
Unique piece

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