A reliable object - the 24 carats necklace by Larissa Cluzet

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The Mediterranean carob tree produces seeds known to have a steady weight from one to another, which is the reason why they were used as a standard to weight precious stones. If the scales have replaced the seeds, we still nowadays talk about carat to describe the mass of a gemstone. By extension, we also talk about carat to define the purity of a gold alloy. This story has been a starting point to talk about the economic value which concerns especially jewelry, from a material perspective. A reliable object is based on researches about the carob plant connected to jewelry and trade. It explores various stories in which materials are characters while the language uses measurements technologies.
Larissa Cluzet
A reliable object - the 24 carats necklace
Carob dough, fine gold.
45 x 20 x 2 cm
Photo by:
Manu De Caluwe

Estimated price: 700 €

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