Touch 9 by Lasma Ansone

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Touch is a powerful tool to gain ‘little pleasures of life’ even though we are mostly not aware of this activity itself. However, most people today experience a shortage of tactile stimulation and this trend only intensifies. Interaction with objects around us gives the feeling of being in contact with the world: it calms down and gives satisfaction. My aim when working with touch is to enable the wearer to follow the form of the piece of jewellery with the hand and use touch as a means of aesthetic appreciation and exploration.
In my master collection, I distinguish two different approaches on how to deal with tactility in jewellery. The focus is either on the hand pieces that give a different pleasant sensation when touching them. The dominant element in another group of pieces is the chain where hand-modelled elements still contain visual-tactile marks from the making process.
Lasma Ansone
Touch 9
Milliput (two part epoxy putty), silver, stabilized wood.
29 x 20 x 3.5 cm
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