Brahma by Laura Knowes

Bangle  /  Figurative

Statement: Technology is a subject of fascination and exploration and this collection represents a developing conversation around Artificial Intelligence and the everyday.  Applying Artificial Intelligence to jewellery, often considered an everyday object, reveals a number of anxieties and apprehensions in how we might utilise technology in future designs. In particular, our fear of ‘deepfakes’ combined with future generations of ‘trans-humans’ led to an investigation of human faces as a subject matter for this collection. Research for the collection asked whether this technology might be used solely as a tool or source of inspiration; or might it be truly creative in a human sense? By mimicking AI’s function of sculpting, and extruding AI generated faces, the collection consists of wearable artefacts that reflect a conversation between the machine and me.
Laura Knowes
3D printed Nylon, sterling silver.
Inside 22 cm Ø; H: 1.6 cm

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