Misappropriate by Laura Stachon

Body piece  /  Abstract
Published: 08.02.2021
Laura Stachon
Body piece
Photo by:
Petra Jaschke
Model: Celine O‘Neal.
Statement: misappropriate sees itself as a method dedicated to the ordinariness of life, in order to create absurd and uncanny images of reality from it. The work focuses on the alienation of the door handle, which is an essential part of our everyday life. However, because of its ordinariness, it is less noticed. Here it appears isolated, without a clear function, seeking a different relationship with the body, guided by intuition. The door handle appears as a fragment of the body, like fingers that take on a life of their own. Human qualities have been breathed into this banal form, which we reach for unconsciously every day, and it suddenly seems more familiar and at the same timeless familiar than ever. Through an invisible force, the door handles can connect with each other and finally reach for the hand. The ordinary shape of the object in combination with the elasticity of the material causes irritation which can lead to heightened awareness and new body movement.
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