Le Mystique by Lea Dievenow

Object  /  Abstract
Blown, glued, mirrored, LED.
Light object.

Lea Dievenow is interested in dealing with the question of reality and illusion. She translates these experiences into objects and their relationship to their surroundings. Her preferred method is to play with light and shadow. With her work she would like to encourage self-reflection and questioning of one's own perception and environment. In the work “Le Mystique” she visualizes this search. The starting point is the creation of a kind of tiny world that is protected by a glass dome, which allows at the same time a look into another cosmos. The viewer should take time to look carefully at the details and, based on this, deal with the question of reality and illusion. Depending on the point of view of the observer, the inside of the object changes - it appears to float or to move. The light settings of different intensities are used to project linear shadow images onto walls and ceilings, through which the object changes the atmosphere of the room.

Lea Dievenow
Le Mystique
Glass, brass.
46 x 26.5 x 26.5 cm
Photo by:
Lea Dievenow

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