Fit & Engram by Ling Zhou

Set  /  Conceptual
Published: 30.06.2021
Ling Zhou
Fit & Engram
Pure silver, red sandalwood, frozen jade.
From series:
Fit & Engram
Brooch, ring, teaware.

This is a multifunctional jewel that represents a brooch, a ring, and tea wares. These components can exist alone or in combination. First of all, the original wedge function was designed at the connection between the ring and teacups; so, when people rotate the teacup, the wedge function could stable it at the ring. Secondly, the brooch can clamp tea coasters. The tweezer on the back of the brooch not only a pin but also a tea clip. These silver seal characters on coasters mean virtue. And vessels are shaped by finger pinching and deformation, fingerprint marks as decorative elements, want to convey the idea of harmony between things and me in tea culture.
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