Public towels by Linnea Bergman


My degree project started as a questioning of ideas and concepts regarding nature; terms such as authenticity, the reliable, the core. It developed into me finding methods of working, rethinking natural states, the normal, categorisations and characteristics, and how to relate to the border with the other.
Domestication is a key-ring. In the room, I´m letting in humans and non-humans, like objects being placed in a household. I want to upset the expected rhythms of everyday life. Finding, minding gaps, is to mess with the world of images, objects and meaning.
The towel- outside for the beach, inside for the bathroom. It´s about language, words and thoughts about words. Collecting, accumulating physical materials, fragments. To cover a stone. My investigation is a translation of scales and materials, showing a fascination, of what things could possibly be.
Linnea Bergman
Public towels
Iron, iron spring, rowan berries, polyester string.
64 x 97 x 27 cm
From series:
Public Towels
Photo by:
Viktor Särelind

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