Playmobile by Lisa Walker

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A classical work by Lisa from the Lego works fo the 2000's. Below you'll find a couple of statements explaining the way of working of the artist.

Lisa’s work is driven by the search for an aesthetic that we hardly ever see, but nevertheless, perhaps recognise. She examines fundamental questions about the importance of jewellery and its connections to contemporary life, art and society,  making use of a wide range of materials, techniques and everyday objects. Introducing Lisa Walker by Marzee Gallery

She simply found her own assembling, bric-a-brac , spontaneous way of doing things with the intention to make jewellery. Bringing materials and objects together with the aim of wearing them on the body, to see them in interaction with the wearer, and challenging the wearer to put on forms that are not very "jewellery-like". She overcame her own inhibitions, she tried not to work with respect for the properties of the material. She even used materials she disliked, such as stereo-typed girlish and feminine pinkish and glittering things. Lisa Walker Wearable, published by Braunbook Publishers.
Lisa Walker
Plastic toys, silk thread
60 cm
Unique piece

Estimated price: 1400 €
On sale at: Hannah Gallery

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