YI by Litian Zhang

Brooch  /  Abstract   Ornamental
32 x 6.2 cm. 18 x 6.2 cm. 13 x 6 cm
How long does it take for rice to go from seed to rice? And how long does it take for rice to go to all kinds of food? The contemporary relationship between food and people has become too distant, and the reverence for food has become thinner and thinner. By using rice in its various forms from seed to rice, YI creates a series of brooches in the form of ritual corsages, all of which are made of biodegradable materials, in order to have an in-depth discussion on environmental protection, food and people. Worshipping the rice god brings people closer to rice and builds admiration. Embroidery, decomposition and reconstruction are used to create the main corsage. The metal parts are made using the burnished white technique, while the mesh parts are hardened using a special technique to give them a frosted texture. The main body of the corsage uses white and yellow to create a sense of sanctity, while the combination of embroidery and mesh brings drama. The overall focus is on creating a sense of mystery, holiness and worship.
Litian Zhang
Silver, copper, rice, rice seedlings, netting, recycled paper
Unique piece

Photo by:
Zongquan Ling

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