Being seen by Liuhong Li

Brooch  /  Narrative   Conceptual
Published: 07.07.2021
Liuhong Li
Being seen
Mother of pearl, silver.
5.5 x 10.2 x 1.2 cm
What do we want to show and hide in our life? People like to use different ways to record their lives. Nowadays social software is one of the most popular tools of communication and interaction. People post pictures and texts on them to share their lives. However, what they show is the part they want others to see and other parts stay hidden. This project tells what I want to show and hide in my life. I use my diary as a tool and I create two approaches to see what I want to show and hide. One approach is about beautiful and imperfect things. I always want to present beautiful things, and hide things that I don’t like or that have defects. In this collection, the colorful and visible parts represent the beautiful things, that are clearly shown on the surface. The imperfect represent is made in dark colors and I hide it on backside or make it invisible so the audience should turn the jewellery to look for it. The other approach is about the balance between showing and hiding. In this collection, the invisible pattern represents what I want to hide, and the colorful pattern represents what I want to show but that is they always hidden in the corner because of my negligence in tidying up. The unpainted patterns represent a messy room. The colorful and clearly visible patterns symbolized cute toys. People record lives and show beautiful things in various ways, but the hidden part is also the truth. This collection shows the visible part of human life, but also our hidden stories. Only curious people tend to discover the hidden stories and details in this jewellery collection.
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