Erik by Lize Myttenaere

Bracelet  /  Minimalism   Design   Conceptual

With Complexity of Simplicity, Lize Myttenaere had a curious goal: to exhaust herself. She shaped 'bracelet objects' entirely by hand from a single solid stone. She documented this repetitive and meditative process in her 'hour books', wherein she describes thoughts and frustrations as she experienced them during the making process. Each object thus acquires its own story and personality. Through its dimensions, proportions, choice of material and weight, this work seeks the boundaries between jewel and object.

“Underneath my grandmother’s engagement ring that I wear on my right-hand ring finger, a callus has formed because I keep the ring on whilst sawing and filing. On this finger, I wear three rings I never take off because I’m afraid I’ll lose them. I do everything with these rings; they don’t disturb me when I’m working. I suddenly hear the chirping sound of an approaching insect in the grass.” (‘Erik’, excerpt from the hour book)
Lize Myttenaere
12.5 x 12.5 x 3.5 cm
Unique piece

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