Talismanische Begleiter-Schildkröte mit Jonas by Lorain Mair

Pendant  /  OnBody   Conceptual   Narrative   Figurative
Published: 20.10.2022
Lorain Mair
Talismanische Begleiter-Schildkröte mit Jonas
Silver-plated brass silver plated, glass, acrylic paint, string
Photo by:
Lorain Mair
Unique piece

BA thesis 2022
With my pieces of jewellery, I address animal symbolism and a possible talismanic charge. Thousands of years ago, symbols, attributes and properties were attributed to animals. With my intuitive perception, I want to convey an expression that is centrally understandable and recognizable and yet can be viewed and interpreted individually. These talisman companions give the opportunity for a personal encounter and friendship.
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