Marked Me Like a Bloodstain by Louis Grant

Wall piece  /  Geometric   Minimalism
Kiln formed, coldworked.

“Marked me like a Bloodstrain” from the series “Breakable Heaven” plays with the viewer's expectations of glass in an architectural context. Louis Grant chooses the shape of small, rectangular, coloured glass plates. The superimposition of different colours and densities creates a composition with an unclear spatial structure. From a distance, the panels appear smooth and regular, but the colours and certain irregularities convey deviations in perfection. At the same time, this increases the haptic component of the work and makes it an experience for the viewer in terms of sensory perception. The glass plates are presented at right angles to each other in a corner of the room. The result is a strange mixture of weight and poise. In his work, Louis Grant deals with the subject of failure, the exploration of the “real self” and one's own sexuality based on a process of deconstruction. Through its specific materiality between solid and liquid states, transparent and opaque appearance, the glass appears to him as a medium that is able to symbolize the state of non-binary sexuality.

Louis Grant
Wall piece
Marked Me Like a Bloodstain
21 x 18 x 2 cm
Photo by:
Adam McGrath

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