The Beaded Confinement by Luisa Kuschel

Body piece  /  OnBody   Conceptual
BA thesis 2021
How were glass beads and photography used by the colonial men to legitimize their domination over Africa? And how did they manage to create a stereotype of isiZulu that is still present in our mindset today? As part of my bachelor thesis, I created a pearl-studded slave chain. It symbolizes the weight and the constraints of having a foreign identity imposed by economically motivated external powers. Our present is shaped by the past. We carry the history of previous generations within us. And so black people still feel the prejudices created by colonialism to this day. How can it be possible to finally break the slave chain?
Luisa Kuschel
Body piece
The Beaded Confinement
Glass beads, PLA, iron, thread
Unique piece

Photo by:
Ben Frik

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