Phase: Chaos by Luisa Pratsch

Vase  /  Abstract
Slab-built, slip-glazed, painted with black pigment, unglazed outside, transparent glaze inside, oxidation firing at 1260°C.

Luisa Pratsch's subject is a metamorphosis in movement and dance. In each of her works, she depicts an abstract dance sequence. This begins with calm, swinging figures, then turns into powerful, precise movements with linear changes of direction, transforms into chaotic ecstasy, and finally culminates in a playful detachment and into meditative silence. Luisa Pratsch compares the human body with the form of the vessel. The intensities and directions of movement determine the shape of the vessel. In addition, she takes up her theme in black brush painting on the works, in which the forms of stylized dancing figures can be recognized in varying degrees of distinctness. Some forms can be identified as dancers, others look more like abstract lines. The brushwork and speed of the paint application also correspond to the respective dance phase. So the brush handling can be slow and careful or rather wild and seemingly unplanned. The reference to form and painting/decoration supplies the work with a particularly coherent and harmonious overall impression.

Luisa Pratsch
Phase: Chaos
73 x 30 x 13 cm
Photo by:
Luisa Pratsch

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