Inside Out by Maddy Barnet

Body piece  /  OnBody   Abstract
Unique piece

My exploration into the interiority of the physical body has led me to focus on internal folds present in the intestines. Intestines are hidden organs that are often overlooked but perform an essential role in supporting life itself. The beauty I see in the intestines lies within the folds that exist, hidden and important as we unconsciously move about our lives without giving it a second thought. By ruching fabric and piping Jesmonite, I communicate the depth and movement visible in the intestines when the intricacies are revealed to us. I contrast this dynamism by constructing frames, which behave as an exoskeleton, suggesting containment and a level of restriction. The pieces are created as if ‘consuming’ the body: an external representation of the internal, visually celebrating the fold and worn as jewellery objects.
Maddy Barnet
Body piece
Inside Out
Jesmonite, oxidised copper, cotton.
15 x 7 x 15 cm

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