I Remember You as a Tree by Mana Jahangard

Necklace  /  Organic   Natural   Landscape
Published: 25.11.2022
Mana Jahangard
I Remember You as a Tree
Fuchsite mica, silver, wool, iron, green pigment
9 x 1 x 32
Photo by:
Nima Ashrafi
Unique piece

From series:
I am just a memory that I can't even remember

Memory... It‘s summertime and such a warm day. I walk inside an ice cream shop, choosing my favourite flavours, one yoghurt, and one bitter chocolate. I already know it is going to taste amazing, I have it in my memory. After finishing my ice cream, I realize the need for water. It would wash away all the sweet taste in my mouth which made me thirsty. Memory makes our Identity; shapes our personality, and makes the story of our life. For me memory is like the ice cream story, it doesn‘t matter how bitter or sweet it is; you need water to wash it all away. But if that happens, what would every single one of us be without our memory? We would have no identities without it – and in the end aren’t we all just a memory that we can‘t even remember?
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