Pearl Grey Revisited by Manon van Kouswijk

Necklace  /  Abstract
Work designed for Klimt02 Gallery in occasion of the exhibition To Recover, Barcelona, October 2015.

The original "Pearl Grey" of 2009 was an assemblage work consisting of found and made elements of porcelain, glass, wood, plastic and pearl. It referenced a traditional cup and saucer of which the cup had been magically replaced by a bead necklace. For this new work I have translated that idea to the typology of a glass 'saucer and cup’. It is again a combination of found and made elements but this time the work is completely transparent; almost like an x-ray of it’s predecessor.
Manon van Kouswijk
Pearl Grey Revisited
Glass elements (saucer, hand formed cup handle with attached glass beads), diverse glass and plastic beads, polyester thread, glue.

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