Bent Knee by Maria Gulavskaya

Bracelet  /  Abstract   OnBody   NewTalentsByKlimt02
BA 2019.

This work presents my research into the relationship between a circle and a human body, specifically my body. I work with the circle to frame a defined space between the circle circumference and the outer surface of my body: the elbow, knee, ankle and wrist. I scan these framed locations to map the shape and silhouette of myself. The scans are sliced on the computer and then cut into layers of Plexiglas and card.  The results manifest as two mini-series: one being objects that wear the shape of the body and the second series being wearables that propose the body is the jewel to wear. ​
Maria Gulavskaya
Bent Knee
Cardboard, wood.
12.8 x 3.2 x 9.1 cm
From series:
Body Map
Photo by:
Jelle Sluyts

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